Month: July 2012

Hemp Oil and Solvents

Have a look at this video by aaman. It is a testimony of his work with various solvents and their properties in regard to RSO or hemp oil. In specific, he addresses the properties of Naptha against Grain Alcohol and 99%...

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It’s only a plant!

The following article appeared in the Comox Valley Record… ‘It’s only a plant,’ says Courtenay man filing Charter challenge against marijuana trafficking charge By Staff Writer - Comox Valley Record, Published: July 19, 2012 11:00 AM   On behalf of the North Island Compassion Club, a press conference was held Thursday morning at the Courtenay courthouse to discuss medical marijuana. NICC, a B.C. non-profit society, has been providing cannabis marijuana in the Comox Valley for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for over 12 years. NICC openly operated a dispensary at Ernie Yacub’s rented home at 719 Sixth St. in Courtenay for over seven...

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Cannabis Conversations with Mr. Grey, Mayor of Kelowna

‎”I had a great 45 minute meeting today with the Kelowna mayor . He is a supporter of the “Stop the violence” initiative although he did not sign the letter. He says he is proud that he has succeeded in “opening the debate” at the upcoming UBCM in September by having it put on the agenda. He is a staunch opponent of cannabis prohibition but is having a hard time wrapping his mind around ending the prohibition of some of the hard drugs. This is true for most people but when the truth is that prohibition INCREASES demand and...

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