Month: August 2012


The following image was posted to Facebook by the Truth Beckons page and contains the article below, which was originally published on the Berkeley Patients Care Collective website:   THE PROMISING FUTURE OF HASH OIL Many patients use cannabis to improve their quality of life. When used correctly cannabis provides pain relief, fights depression, and improves blood circulation among numerous other things. Millions of people worldwide will testify to the fact that cannabis is a powerful medicine that helps sick people lead more productive lives. But what if it was more than that? Some very credible studies have shown that...

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Reuters – One in Eight With Fibromyalgia Uses Cannabis as Medicine

Published July 13, 2012, Reuters One in eight people with the painful condition fibromyalgia self-medicate with pot and other cannabis products, according to a new Canadian study. “That is not unusual behavior, in general, for people with chronic medical illnesses for which we don’t have great treatments,” said Dr. Igor Grant, who heads the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at the University of California and was not involved in the study. “People start looking around, they look for other types of remedies, because they need the help,” he told Reuters Health. The question is if self-medicating with cannabis is really helpful for...

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