Month: February 2017

Cannabis Is Great, But The Hemp Market Is Worth Billions

Why Hemp Is The Billion Dollar Cash Crop We Were Told About In 1938, Popular Mechanics published an article entitled, “Billion Dollar Crop” in reference to Hemp. At the time, a billion dollars would hold the modern day equivalent of $16,766,111,111.11 based on inflation and all that economic jazz. As of last year, Colorado grossed more than 1 billion dollars in Cannabis sales and the kicker here is, we’re only talking about cannabis – Not Hemp! As the world sheds their old government induced beliefs and open up to a new era of cannabis, we are seeing society respond...

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The Strain Of Weed Created To Help Women Orgasm

We know about the agreeable consequences of weed: it can relieve period pain, it tastes good with wine and builds beautiful houses. But what about our sex lives, in particular women’s? It’s pretty much general knowledge that women often find it harder to reach orgasm than men do. With females heavily reliant on their mental states just as much, if not more than, physical pleasure during sex, the female orgasm has – ridiculously – remained an enigma to this day (the lack of research and clitoral concern is, largely, to blame). However, a new strain of weed has been designed with the specific purpose of improving women’s erotic experiences.

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Lawmakers Argue Hemp Could Yield Millions Of Dollars In Revenue

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 8:41am Arizona rural lawmakers are in favor of growing hemp, the fiber used for making rope, soap, clothing and other retail products. Yuma Senator Lisa Otondo said allowing farmers to grow the crop and have it processed in Arizona could reduce the trade deficit. Meanwhile, Lake Havasu City’s Senator Sonny Borrelli argued industrial hemp’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are too low to produce a hallucinogenic high and its production is far better on the environment than cotton. “Industrial hemp uses almost no water whatsoever. It uses nine times less water than cotton,” he said, and...

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