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A New MRSA Defense – Marijuana extracts kill antibiotic-resistant MRSA without a high.

By Nora Schultz on September 12, 2008   Substances harvested from cannabis plants could soon outshine conventional antibiotics in the escalating battle against drug-resistant bacteria. The compounds, called cannabinoids, appear to be unaffected by the mechanism that superbugs like MRSA use to evade existing antibiotics. Scientists from Italy and the United Kingdom, who published their research in the Journal of Natural Products last month, say that cannabis-based creams could also be developed to treat persistent skin infections. Cannabis has long been known to have antibacterial properties and was studied in the 1950s as a treatment for tuberculosis and other diseases. But research into...

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More evidence that marijuana could slow brain aging

By George Dvorsky Researchers can’t seem to make up their minds about the long-term cognitive effects of marijuana. Some studies have shown that it reduces brain power and impairs working memory, while other studies are indicating that it can suppress brain inflammation and confer other neuroprotective properties. And now, perhaps quite surprisingly, a new study is suggesting that cannabinoids may prevent — or even reverse — the effects of brain aging, an important piece of insight that could lead to therapies for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. The study, which was conducted by Andras Biokei-Gorzo of the Institute of Molecular...

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