‎”I had a great 45 minute meeting today with the Kelowna mayor . He is a supporter of the “Stop the violence” initiative although he did not sign the letter. He says he is proud that he has succeeded in “opening the debate” at the upcoming UBCM in September by having it put on the agenda.

He is a staunch opponent of cannabis prohibition but is having a hard time wrapping his mind around ending the prohibition of some of the hard drugs. This is true for most people but when the truth is that prohibition INCREASES demand and makes issues of abuse worse then we must find the best regulatory system we can that falls short of a black market. There are no absolute answers for what society and gov’ts can do about drug abuse there is only so much that can be done before it becomes a human rights violation.

I was very pleased to have Robert Nisbet with me and he eloquently informed Mayor Gray of successful programs in other countries where addicts get what they need through a registry that also helps them with education and other non forced non drug strategies for coping with physical and emotional pain because that is what drives most addictions to opiates and other hard substances.

I was very pleased with our meeting and with his attitudes and so I shook is hand twice, hugged him and thanked him.”

 Mayor Grey of Kelowna BC. Speaking on the Freedom Tour 2012 and many other issues Canadians face.

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