I have a very special treat for you in episode 27. In it, I have a conversation with Ngaio Walton, the mother of Venus Walton. If you haven’t heard of Ngaio and Venus, you soon will.

Ngaio, lives with her husband, Zane, and her two daughters, Venus and Isla, in northern New Zealand.

When Venus was around 6 months old, it was obvious to Ngaio and Zane, that something serious was going on with little Venus. She was not hitting a lot of the markers that girls her age should be.

Venus soon developed seizures, that increased in intensity and frequency, from a condition known as phenylketonuria, a condition where her body couldn’t produce a necessary enzyme to break down protein.

Venus did not respond very well at all to the treatments provided by her doctors and it was obvious to Ngaio and Zane that their daughter was on a very dangerous downhill path.

This is when Ngaio decided to research alternative medicines for her daughter leading her to Hemp CBD oil, with questionable legality in New Zealand.

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