The North Island Compassion Club, after 10 years of providing medicinal marijuana in Courtenay, BC without incident, was raided by the RCMP drug squad on Friday afternoon. Two members of the club were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The police confiscated seven different strains of dried bud, cookies, hash, and money that was meant to buy more medicine. The club has been scrambling to recover over the weekend, having to make several emergency deliveries to members with critical needs. One member with epilepsy had a seizure two days after running out of marijuana on a previous occasion.

“The reason we exist in the first place is because people can’t get good, clean marijuana, even if they can get a licence from Health Canada, but that is no easy task” said NICC director Ernie Yacub. “Most doctors won’t sign the forms required. Since the Medical Marijuana Access Division was formed ten years ago, only six thousand licenses have been issued in all of Canada. There are millions who would be eligible but the government doesn’t want the programme to work, and neither does the pharmaceutical industry.”

Many people think that marijuana is already legal given the widespread use and lack of enforcement of the existing law which places cannabis marijuana in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act along with heroin, cocaine, and meth.

The Stephen Harper goverment has introduced Bill S10, Mandatory Minimums, that will make it even more dangerous for growers and providers. Like the failed drug regime in the United States, S10 will do nothing about serious crime, it will put thousands of young (and old) people in jail, and cost Canadians billions of dollars that ought to be used for health, education and social services.

A news conference with several club members will be held at Inspace, 2726 Dunsmuir Road, Cumberland, 1pm Tuesday February 22.

For more information, phone NICC at 250.871.5207 or continue to visit for updates.

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