We know about the agreeable consequences of weed: it can relieve period pain, it tastes good with wine and builds beautiful houses. But what about our sex lives, in particular women’s? It’s pretty much general knowledge that women often find it harder to reach orgasm than men do. With females heavily reliant on their mental states just as much, if not more than, physical pleasure during sex, the female orgasm has – ridiculously – remained an enigma to this day (the lack of research and clitoral concern is, largely, to blame). However, a new strain of weed has been designed with the specific purpose of improving women’s erotic experiences. Somewhat creepily dubbed Sexxpot, the strain of green works by improving a woman’s cerebral mood while making her feel relaxed, chill and less inhibited. Supposedly the trick to getting a woman to the big O with weed is with less THC than the regular stuff – the usual THC level in cannabis is around 18-20%, but Sexxpot comes in at around 14%.

Pioneered by the founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, Karyn Wagner – who knows her shit about weed’s positive effects on the body – Sexxpot won’t necessarily be great for men, but it is claimed to work wonders for women. Instead of lying around wondering why healthy dicks are gifted with automated spunk, Wagner began her quest for tingly weed. After a night of brilliant, weed-induced sex, Wagner had a sort of lightbulb moment. A vulva-specific lightbulb moment, that is. Post-smoke up and sex with her partner, the weed pioneer realised she should develop a strain that could help any woman have better sex and reach climax. Retrieving the sex-enhancing elements of the strain she smoked that night – Mr. Nice, already known for its aphrodisiac qualities – Wagner developed Sexxpot to enhance the smoker’s senses while making them more open to their sexual experiences. This, in turn, can help women relax and have more orgasmic sexy time – research outlined in Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina shows how feeling valued and relaxed is one of the factors of female sexual pleasure. Some stoner women may already know that lighting up before a session can enhance these feelings, but getting too stoned will have the opposite affect. Luckily, the lower levels of THC in Sexxpot, according to Wagner, will put you in a “sensual” headspace but won’t stop you wanting to get jiggy. Does Sexxpot really work though? Cannabis consultant and nurse practitioner Eloise Theisen spoke to The Cutclaiming that the chemical makeup of weed regulates hormones, and that may be why Sexxpot works for some women. She said:

  “ …High levels of THC can promote anti-oestrogen activity, though science is still very limited … My guess is that Sexxpot, with the lower THC, regulates the body’s endocannabinoid system (the group of brain receptors that are involved with processes like pain, sensation, mood, and mediating effects of cannabis) and helps bring back the balance of hormones, but without sacrificing the therapeutic properties.”

Cannabis activist and co-founder of Harborside Health Center, Stephen D’Angelo, mirrors the positive reviews. “Cannabis is good for everybody’s sex life,” he said. And yet, smoking weed isn’t for everyone, of course. Some people experience very negative effects from smoking or inducing cannabis. Moreover, sexual disorders may not be solvable simply with a joint or three. But it’s good to know female pleasure and products specifically geared towards it is a growing concern in the world. Women: 1, Biology: 0.